Shipping terms:

Zonenname Versandkosten
Zone 1 5,90€
Zone 2 9,90€
Zone 3 14,90€
Zone 4 14,90€
Zone 5 29,90€


Zone 1: Germany
Zone 2: Europe (excluding Zone 3, Zone 4)
Zone 3: Switzerland, Liechtenstein
Zone 4: United Kingdom
Zone 5: Rest of the world


We reserve the right not to deliver to certain countries and regions.
You will receive more detailed information in the checkout.

Terms of payment:

You have the following payment options:

- Payment by credit card
- Payment via PayPal
- Payment by Klarna

If you pay by credit card, your credit card account will be charged upon conclusion of the contract.

If you have any questions, please contact the office indicated in the imprint.